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Our #goodnitehug bus in Thailand

According to psychologist, orphaned children lack of warmth and sharing. Spread the warmth will help to create an identity for them. Thus, giving the pillow is a good way to embrace and replace loneliness by missing their parents even though that's not everything.

We visited

Homeschooling around the country.

The Orphans Homes (Tan Ta Won), Bangkok

Many more places...


about orphanages in Thailand

The number of orphaned children in Thailand is more than 1 million. In average, there are new 466 orphaned children everyday.

Thailand has an average of 748,067 babies born each year from teen-mom (10-19 years old).

Thailand is ranked 2nd in Asia for 'mom teenager' with the number approx. 131,400.

There are 380,000 orphans suffering from HIV/AIDS in Thailand.


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At the moment, Thailand has reached over a million of orphans. Loneliness affects their brain and behavior development. More than ever, we need everyone in our society to join us, share the warmth and spread to love to every single child.